Tell grandma this is a bird related emergency

It’s about time I wrote a post like this.

Yesterday my sister texted me, “Let’s go back to the days of driving to Ho Fam in the morning. I feel like we didn’t treasure those days enough.”

My response was “We never treasure any days enough.”

But back then, the simple days were easy to take for granted. Now that I don’t get to see her shining, brilliant face every day, I would love to have some of that time back.

“I think we are as BFF now as we are because we had 20 minutes every morning together and it was our time to make each other un-krabe,” she texted back.

While we owe our sister-ship to a lot more than just those morning drives to school, it definitely sparked something in our relationship. Except for the time I pressed the panic button and instead of helping me turn it off she ran away while people stared and laughed. Still not over it.

We did our best to make that 20 minute drive interesting every single day. Sometimes I would spill coffee all over my white uniform shirt and we’d have to turn around so I could go back and change. Other times I would yell “2 point turn!” (why?) and then back into a snow bank. Many times (like at least 5) the trunk would magically open while we were driving down the highway and we’d have to pull over to shut it (THE TRUNK IS OPEN!!!!). I would make her listen to the same Sugarland and Carrie Underwood songs over and over and one time (in an emergency situation) we had to wipe off the frosty side mirrors with a moldy peanut butter and honey sandwich. And it would be wrong not to mention “Orange Beefer,” aka the guy driving some sort of orange hatchback we saw every single morning without fail. It was a time where we got to yell and be ourselves.

And not every pair of sisters has their very own set of theme days of the week. Even seven years later, Blanche Deveraux Monday, Monkey Baby Tuesday, Hoo Hoo Haa Wednesday, Emotional Thursday and Squirrel-motional Friday still make every day a little brighter.

So all of that reminiscing was purely for my own entertainment, but no one reads this anyway. Also, this is for Loonn.

My sister is the strongest person I know. Her dedication to helping people and determination to making the world a better place are truly inspiring. I strive to emulate her independence and strength every single day. Sometimes I even steal her clothes to be more like her. She laughs at my jokes and calls me out when I’m being dumb (or being the french fry). She also provides me with street smarts because I tend to be the sheltered one.

Basically, she’s going to change the world and I can’t wait to see all that she will accomplish (cliche, I know. Sue me. No. Don’t sue me. That is the opposite of the point I’m trying to make).

Everyone deserves someone who understands them completely (hopefully even more than one person), and my sister is that beautiful person for me. How did I get so lucky?

Her blog is better than mine because she has real stuff to say, so you should probably read it. Especially this post, because it’s about me. Aren’t we so cute just writing blogs to profess our love for each other? blehhhh

Thanks for letting me name your fish. Love you, girlie.



2 thoughts on “Tell grandma this is a bird related emergency

  1. I am sitting at my desk balling my eyes out. You will never know how much joy it brings me that you two have each other. It is such a blessing.

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