February Favorites

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these. I was lacking inspiration to blog for a few months but now I think I’m ready to start back up. Where is my life? February is a short month I suppose, but wow, it flew by. I’ve had this discussion with a few post grads– that time seems to go much faster now that we’re working full time jobs instead of in school. The weekends are even more precious. I would say I miss certain things about college, but I definitely don’t miss it as a whole. The real world is scary, but it’s growing on me. On to da favorites:

Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butternutrition-sept26-justins-main

I tried this in a little packet a few weeks ago and OMG is it amazing. You can find me eating almonds and almond butter all day every day (pronounced ah-mond). I also really like the Maple Almond Butter, the Honey Almond Butter and the Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. NUT BUTTER CRAZE.

Brownie Brittlebrownie

Okay another food item. I made the mistake of trying this at a friend’s house and these are ridiculous. I think they’re trying to market them as like a “healthier” way to enjoy a brownie since they are just crispy little things, but I’m on to their marketing tactics. And they’re really not that horrible for you (unless you eat an entire Costco-sized bag). But they taste exactly like brownie batter. Danger.


Fitness time. I’m forcing this to be a favorite so that I will be motivated to keep up with my half marathon training. I’m even starting to be that girl who takes her lunch hour to go on a run outside. Blame it on encouraging, awesome coworkers. I have my little printed out training chart and I’m ready to make some check marks.


I’ve been pretty consistent with doing yoga 3 times a week and it is really making a difference in my life. It’s fun to see myself get stronger and be able to attempt crazy poses I never thought I could. It’s also just the best way to detox your brain from too many thoughts.

I can’t think of anything else interesting to include. I was going to say my winter coat is a favorite but that is weird and boring.

Happy March! Spring… hurry up.


(someone play the harmonica for me)



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