StrengthsQuest Do-over x2

A few weeks ago they announced that everyone would be required to take the StrengthsFinder assessment at my job. It’s only been a little over 2 months since I took it last, but A LOT has changed since then so I thought it would be interesting to see if my results were any different.

In case you need a refresher on what StrengthsQuest is…

What is StrengthsQuest?

Your StrengthsQuest journey begins with a 30-minute online assessment, the Clifton StrengthsFinder. This assessment has helped more than 9 million people around the world discover their talents.

After you take the Clifton StrengthsFinder, you’ll receive a customized report that lists your top five talent themes, along with action items for development and suggestions about how you can use your talents to achieve academic, career, and personal success (

Today we received the link to take the assessment and it was sort of difficult for me to just clear my mind and complete it. I kept focusing on what I knew my strengths were and seeing if my answers would get me the same results. But anyway, my results were fairly similar to last time, with one new and one old popping back up.

So in 2009 I had:






In November 2014 I had:






And February 2015:




Harmony – new

Maximzer – old

Dang I was hoping for that positivity (lolz). If you feel like reading explanations of the first 3, plz feel free to go to this post from November.

I feel like Harmony could have been a 6th strength the last 2 times I took the assessment. It’s all about avoiding conflict, seeking peaceful situations, being a moderator/peacemaker and that is totally me. Sometimes it’s not a good thing because I tend to accept things the way they are or sweep issues under the rug until they are bottled up (there must be a bottle under the rug). I’ve been known to do that. That’s another good thing about this assessment. It can be a good indicator of your strengths, but it also reminds you that extreme versions of those strengths can be a bit harmful.

I was actually surprised to see Maximizer pop back up. This one is confusing to me at times, but after re-reading the explanation, I can see how it fits. It’s the reason I love doing these assessment and personality things. I LOVE learning about my (and others’) strengths. I could care less about weaknesses. Yes, we all have weaknesses, but focusing on strengths is much more fun and productive. If you know your strengths and what you’re good at, you might as well capitalize on that and give it all you got, man. So that’s my motivational speech for the day.

In other news, moving sucks but it’s probably because I am impatient and lazy. Exciting, G times though. Also, birthday shout out to my sister, Loonn. She took a sociology exam and ate a taco today. Now she is going have her first legal huckleberry vodka lemonade. Only in Mont.



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