That’s How I’ll Phrase It


I have like 8 different drafts of posts trying to put my life into words these past few weeks. Writing is like therapy for me and I do it every single day, but I had to take a break from posting my thoughts on the interwebz.

New and exciting changes intertwined with twinges of sadness. Caught between desperately wanting to move forward and the nostalgia of simpler, happy days. That’s how I’ll phrase it. How ambiguous.

I got a new job and dyed my hair. I’m super excited to have my dream job (at this point in life) and I’m digging the darker hair. Change is difficult for me. I am a creature of habit and I live for routines and predictability. Therefore, this is probably good for me. I’ve definitely been out of my element in multiple aspects.

So naturally, I’ll share some songs to reflect the mood.

And the new Mat Kearney song thrown in for fun. I love it.



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