October Blogging Challenge Day 27

I apologize if you are one of those T-Swift haters, because I am about to profess my undying love for the girl. I love her so much that I cut my hair like hers when she cut it short in the spring. Brought in a picture and everything. No shame. I attempt to rock the cat-eye look from time to time in honor of her. She can do no wrong and I don’t pay attention to celebrity gossip anyway.

Her albums come out every two years at the end of October. The past 3 albums, including this one, have come out at particularly difficult times in my life. Something about October, I guess. I suppose it is a bit cheesy to say these albums “got me through the rough times,” but something to fan-girl over and get me out of my own head is good to have.

So in honor of my BFF Taylor, I will reveal my all time favorite songs as well as my initial favs off the new album. All Too Well and Ours. I would pick more but it’s just too hard.

As for the new album, I’ve only been listening to it for a few hours now, but so far I love Welcome to New York, How to Get the Girl, and Clean.

P.S. Please excuse me while I go watch Isaac Mizrahi on QVC.



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