INFJ Personality

October Blogging Challenge Day 26

So I’ve recently become obsessed with reading Thought Catalog and Elite Daily Articles as a past time. What can I say, I like to read and know everything. I came across an article today on Thought Catalog called 16 Things to Know Before Dating an INFJ. I thought, “what the F is an INFJ?” So I read it, and then thought… “I think I’m an INFJ…..” I then Googled to find out what INFJ is and it turns out that it is one of the 16 Personalities. I don’t really know much about it, but I guess they have decided that there are 16 main personality types and have a quiz for you to take to see which personality is yours. (edit–Okay, I figured out that it is a part of Myers Briggs. Duh.) Naturally, I took the quiz and the result was….. (drumroll)…. INFJ.

The Thought Catalog article says, “Out of 16 different personality types, INFJs make the rarest combination of people to exist, which means they’re often misunderstood and dating them can be a challenging adventure. They have the greatest capacity for love and empathy within a relationship but their tendency to be extremely gullible and idealistic can create problems.” Interesting. I guess I am one of the rarest combination of people to exist. That’s kinda cool. Apparently if you want to date me, you should read that article. What a great self-discovery treat.

Here is the link if you want to see an explanation of my personality, lolz: INFJ Also, take the test for yourself! It’s easy and quick: 16 Personalities

One of the things that stuck out to me in the explanation was the need to retreat after being around a lot of people. I am an introvert by trade in that being around a lot of people physically drains me. Don’t get me wrong, I also consider myself an extrovert in that I LOVE people and have a passion for creating and maintaining strong, lasting relationships. But I need alone time. Badly. For example, for the past 2 months at work I’ve been planning a big event that happened today. It involved me having to interact with a lot of people for about 4-5 hours. It went really well and I was extremely happy with it, but when I got home, I was exhausted and would not speak to anyone. In fact, I will probably lone it up for the rest of the night. In my fuzzy wolf pants. Heaven.



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