Favorite Things About the Holidays

October Blogging Challenge Day 25: Favorite Things About the Holidays

Well, this is random. And I’m not sure if it means Halloween? Or all the holidays? I’ve already discussed my love for Christmas and hatred for Halloween, so I guess I’ll just elaborate a bit.

1. Christmas Music – It’s just so happy. It puts me in a good mood no matter what. When I was growing up I would count down the days until the radio would start playing non-stop Christmas music (about a week before Thanksgiving, I believe). I had a little portable radio/flashlight that I would carry around the house room to room with a coloring book. It just reminds me of simple and happy times.

2. Boots – I could never live in a super warm climate because I love boots and winter fashions way too much. I’m afraid to count how many pairs of boots I own, but from where I’m sitting in my room right now I can see 6 pairs. That’s probably only about a third. I also love scarves and coats with furry hoods.

3. Just Plain Having Fun – I feel like it’s a time where everyone has an excuse to get together. Friends (and sisters) come home from far away places and catch up. Family get-togethers. I mean, I guess this one is obvious.

4. Pumpkin and Gingerbread things. Yum.

5. Smells – Pine Trees and Cinnamon craft store smells. MMmMM.

In terms of Halloween, however, it sucks. For some reason I’ve never been a fan. I don’t care to dress up and especially don’t care for any spooky or scary things. SPEAKING OF– I heard today that the Hallmark Channel will be playing Christmas movies all day on Halloween. I guess I know what I’ll be doing that night.

Ems Christmas long ago



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