This is for Loonn

October Blogging Challenge Day 23: I made this up

Today was supposed to be favorite Halloween costumes from the past but I am too lazy to find pictures and I hate Halloween so honesty is the best policy.

I wish I was as cool as my sister. She will probably be annoyed that I shared these videos but I think they need to be seen. It’s also okay because not that many people read this (JK I’m super famous). She’s fricken (bats) talented and mostly self-taught by Googling songs.

You can skip to around 1:20 on this one unless you want to hear her talk about her guinea pig (Pop Tart) and other strange happenings. I like to call this: These Walls (feat. Pop Tart).

Sunday Morning with the words changed to be about The Kitty and me going to Montana.

I just ate a really huge grape. Do huge grapes make huge raisins? Most likely.



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