Combo Platter

So I was in Montana and struggled to get posts up yesterday and the day before. Internet is difficult there. So I offer you a combo platter of the posts from the past few days.

October Blogging Challenge Day 17: OOTD

Okay so I don’t have an actual outfit selfie from this weekend, but I can post some outfits from other times hiking around on the ranch. I like to be a bit ridiculous because A. who cares, and B. it’s fun. There’s a ton of crazy old clothes in the ranch house. Pink, striped rainboots = rattlesnake proof.



October Blogging Challenge Day 18: Top Places You Want to Travel

1. Australia. It’s been a dream since I did a project on Australia in 3rd grade. I want to go all over. It will happen.

2. I would love to go back to Italy. Maybe not to Rome but I would love to go back to Florence and explore other cities.

3. Continuing with the school project theme, in 7th grade I did a project on Belgium. I think that’d be a cool place to go as well.

4. I just added an item to my bucket list: be in all 50 states before I die. Mission accepted. I’m at 17 so far.

5. Sometimes I wish I would have planned to do the post-college grad Europe trip. It would be lovely to get the chance to do something like that down the road.

October Blogging Challenge Day 19: Books You’re Reading Right Now

I’m about halfway through Lena Dunham’s autobiography, “Not That Kind of Girl.” It’s interesting but she’s kind of intense. Just like the show, Girls. Definitely not for your more conservative readers.

I’m also about to start the Novel that Lauren Graham wrote, “Someday, Someday, Maybe.” Who knew Lauren Graham was an author? I’ve heard good things and thought I’d give it a try.

I’m also still trying to get through Carol Burnett’s autobiography. I seem to have misplaced it at the present moment, however.

Here’s to surviving another week. Let’s make it better than last week (inspirational).






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