Link Love

October Blogging Challenge Day 15: Link Love

I am a YouTube vlog nerd. I’ve mentioned my favorite YouTube-ers in a post before, but they’re definitely worth mentioning again along with a few more.

TrulyJess – She’s been on a bit of a hiatus but this girl is seriously awesome. She gets a bit cheesy at times but I can only hope to emulate her positive spirit in my own life. Her videos focus mainly on the fitness part of her life, but she always shows her cute outfits of the day. She is fun to follow on Instagram as well!

JustKeepSweating – Carlyn and Eddie are hilarious. It’s so weird to think that I creepily watch daily videos of their lives. Their videos focus on fitness too but they talk about all aspects of their lives.

EmilieClarke – I sometimes wish my name was spelled with an “ie.” For some reason I am fascinated by Canada (TrulyJess lives in Canada as well). I want to go there! But anyway, Emilie has videos about going to Target and what it’s like to work at a radio station. It looks fun.

Other sites/blogs that I read on a pretty much daily basis:

Lauren Conrad – I’ve loved her since I was in 7th grade. She’s timelessly perfect and great.

Miss Representation Facebook Page – Great documentary. They post tons of relevant and interesting articles on the Facebook page.

Literally Darling – There are always good reads on here because the articles are written by all different millennial women. I’d love to write for this site.

I post this as I am 30 minutes into a 14 hour drive to Montana. See you soon, mountains and dinosaur museums! (And Loonn),



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