Weekend Highlights

October Blogging Challenge Day 12: Weekend Highlights

Things are happening.

Friday I had dinner at Salut for my Aunt’s birthday. My family is hilarious. Delicious food and dessert. I’m still full.

Saturday I ran in a 10k race for ALS. It was the second time I’ve ran in it and I improved a lot from last year. i finished in 54 minutes when my goal was an hour. I am pretty proud of that.

Saturday night I was at a Perkins with Alyssa and we were just minding our own business, eating some muffins, when our waitress came over and said, “See those guys over there? Well, they think you’re pretty cute and want to pay for your guys’ meal.” So we proceded to be super awk and not know how to react. The waitress kept trying to play match maker. Then she gave us her number and invited us to her Halloween party. So, just making friends all over the place.

Sunday I spent time painting and went on an adventure with my mom. Here are some cool pics.

I like to call this, “Adult Color By Number.”
Freaking check out this huge dog! I want one.
Caribou Treats
With a lake view

Now for some tilapia and a bonfire with my bestie, Erin (celebrity shout out). Only 3 days of work and then time for MONTANA and Loonn.


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