What/Who Inspires You the Most?

October Blogging Challenge Day 11: What/Who Inspires You the Most?

I could talk about a multitude of people who truly inspire me. I’ve been lucky to be related to and meet some extraordinary individuals including my entire family. So much strength and love. But instead I’ll talk about WHAT inspires and drives me.

A few months ago, I wrote a post about the Challenge-Safety Continuum. This is something I first came across at one of my internships. My boss was (is) this super inspirational guy who is all about envisioning success, learning what drives you, setting goals, and crushing them.  I then continued to learn about it in a class on Motivational Psychology. Many of  life’s choices lie on a challenge/safety continuum. You could choose the most difficult option, the easiest option, or somewhere in between. The safety end is your comfort zone, but you’ll never get anywhere just chillin’ on that side. Keeping a growth mindset helps to inch over to the other side. I’m no motivational speaker, but that’s just how I see it.

From time to time, I check in with how I am doing related to the continuum. I see if there is any way I can help move a little closer to the challenge side in different areas of my life. A lot of the time it’s okay to hang out on the safety side; I don’t think you should constantly be running marathons or anything. In fact I pretty much vow that I will never run a marathon. It’s all relative to your life. So… I’ll run 10Ks and maybe an eventual half marathon, but full marathon, no thanks.

I try to inch closer to challenge in talking to new people, trying new things, eating healthy, being kind and understanding of others, and basically anything that will make me a better person. I am inspired by being challenged, if that makes sense. Being bored is the worst. On to the next feat.





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