10 Things Not Many People Know About Me

October Blogging Challenge Day 10: Ten Things Not Many People Know About Me

Oh gosh, this is going to be tough. If you know me REALLY well (a.k.a. the only people who read this a.k.a. my mom) , you will most likely already know some/all of these because I tend to be an open book.

1. When it comes to controversial issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and feminism, I have pretty strong opinions. I’ll rage about feminism and people’s perception of it for days, but I will rarely discuss anything else. I don’t really do politics. Let’s all be friends.

2. When I am in the depths of boredom, I turn to experiment baking. I’ve made a lot of really strange things in these phases.

3. Even though I am 22 years old, I still love to color. I’m always coloring in letters on the newspaper or doodling on something. It’s calming for me.

4. I had a third front tooth and braces for 7 years. Teeth complications are a theme in my life.

5. I went to school in Chicago for a semester and hated it and loved all at the same time. When people ask me why I transferred I always give different reasons.

6. I’m still waiting on a brilliant idea that I can turn into my own business. I’m not cut out for office life.

7. I worked in the leasing office of an apartment building for a summer once and experienced 2 of the most terrifying moments of my life in the same day. It now makes me scared to live in an apartment building.

8. I think I own a V-neck t-shirt in every color of the rainbow. I went through a long phase.

9. I have scoliosis. My back hurts sometimes. I always tell people I would be taller if I didn’t have it, but I don’t know if that is actually true lolz.

10. Christmas is the best. I start playing Christmas music on November 1st every year without fail. It makes me so happy I cry sometimes. I’ll just leave this here…

Happy weekend! My 10k is tomorrow ahhh.




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