A Day in the Life

October Blogging Challenge Day 8: A Day in the Life

My morning began with forcing myself out of bed to go on a 5-mile run. I am running a 10k this Saturday and am squeezing in every last drop of training. I took a different route than I normally do and it was actually a really nice change. Plus, I deemed it a “T-Swizzle themed run,” which only means that I listened to my T-Swizzle playlist on Spotify. This is a post for another day, but I am a die-hard Taylor Swift fan. I just love her. Don’t hate. Running outside in the Fall is the best because the weather is cool, but it’s not muddy like it is in the Spring. It was a great run.

I guess I will just tell you everything because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t include every single detail in my stories.

After my run I ate breakfast (2 whole grain waffles with peanut butter and a banana). I made my lunch, took a shower, got ready, and left for work. Unusually, I was actually fairly busy at work, so it was slightly less boring than a normal day.

After work I went home and ate dinner. I’ve been doing this thing where I cut up a black bean burger and cook it with egg whites then eat it with avocado and salsa. YUM. Now I am just hanging out and watching Once Upon A Time. I started watching it a few weeks ago. I’m on season 2 and am super addicted. I can’t watch it before bed though; it’s creepy. I got a painting kit at Michael’s the other day and have been working on my painting skills. Really exciiiiiting life. Back to work in the AM.




One thought on “A Day in the Life

  1. You are very smart to train for a 10k. My best friend and I signed up for one at the beginning of this year and neither of us took it seriously. We were completely exhausted at the end. You’ll do great though! Good luck!

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