Six Pet Peeves

October Blogging Challenge Day 6: Six Pet Peeves

1. Bad Grammar. Having been called a “grammar nazi,” I would consider bad grammar to be a pet peeve of mine. I’ve had some editing experience and find it quite soothing to fix grammatical errors. I also used to proofread friends’ and my sister’s papers and they would hate me for tearing their work apart. Sorry. I also correct people who use bad grammar in real life… but only in my head.

2. Going off of that, I’m not a big fan of when people use “U,” “R,” “Thx,” etc. in texting, email, Facebook, wherever. If you write it in real life too that’s even worse. How much time does that really save, anyway?

3. People that wink. It’s not cute, it’s just creepy. I’ve never understood it. Get away from me, old man.

4. When I’m in a group of people and say something funny to someone, they repeat it, and the whole group laughs and thinks it was that person’s humorous brainchild. THIS HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME. If only I had a louder voice.

5. People who push alcohol at social functions. “Dude why aren’t you drinkin’ tonight?!” … go away.

6. This goes way beyond just a pet peeve, but I’ll just give my brief two cents. Cat-calling. No, random man, I do not care in the slightest what you think about my appearance. It’s not a compliment. I don’t need it. I don’t want it. Please keep your comments to yourself. And if you yell, “Nice ass!” out your car window, you are not cool. You are just a complete idiot.

I also just remembered that I don’t like the sound that flip flops make when people walk. Ugh, now I’m annoyed.



One thought on “Six Pet Peeves

  1. I used to correct the grammar on memos and bulletins at a job I had years ago…Much to my chagrin, I came in and saw a very threatening memo, scripted with a thick black marker, in huge lettering: WHOEVER IS CORRECTING MY MEMO’S HAD BETTER STOP IT
    It took everything I had to restrain myself to not correct that damned apostrophe…
    I also cringe to notice that in everyday usage, someone — actually, my daughter, the teacher — uses those text-y abbreviations. I can forgive it on Twitter. 140 characters is all you get. Come to think of it, I do NOT forgive Twitter: the very fact that you get 140 characters is probably the root cause of this awful habit!

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