Summer Favorites

So I’ve been out in the working world for about 6 weeks, and I have to say my job is NOT one of my August Favorites. It’s definitely not what I thought it was going to be (or what they made it seem like). It’s a bit unorganized and extremely boring but that’s all I’ll divulge on the interwebz. I’m getting paid and that’s all that matters for now. We’ll see what happens.

BUT ANYWAY… since I’ve failed to blog for most of the summer, I thought I’d do a combined summer faves with a bunch of random things. I hope you find it semi-interesting.

Anytime Fitness

Now that I am not at school anymore, I needed to figure out a new place to work out. I joined Anytime Fitness on a month trial pass in June and loved it. So as soon as I got  my first paycheck, I signed up for 18 months at Anytime. It is always clean, never crowded, and has all new equipment. Pretty ideal. After a month of membership, you get access to any of their clubs all over the country.

Cover Girl Super Thick Lash Mascara2270046992

Me and mascara (mascara and I?) This is an old favorite as I used it back in the beginning of high school. It even has all new packaging now. Really exciting, I know.

New York & Company

In light of my recent wardrobe update, I would like to thank New York & Company. If I am wearing anything, you can pretty much assume it’s from New York & Company. Well, dressy clothes that is. I don’t like their jeans at all.

Switched at Birth

Have you even heard of this show? It’s on ABC Family. Make fun of me but then go watch it because it’s good.

Songs – lot’s of them

 (love David Myles he’s adorable)

 – this is the acoustic version because it’s the only one I could find on YouTube but Spotify this dude because he’s great.

 (from his new album)

 – Begin Again was a strange but entertaining movie in which Adam Levine had a mustache and was not a very good actor. I didn’t know Kiera Knightly could sing either.


Cheers to the onset of fall and scarves and boots. Yes, I am one of those people who loves everything pumpkin spice (except coffee).