Remember When I Had a Blog?

Joke. Only like 5 people read it anyway 😉

No other explanation other than this summer has been a roller coaster of emotions — if I may be so cliche.  It began with the highs of graduation funtivities and continued with the lows of moving home and the boredom that followed. Don’t get me wrong, I love my home. However, in combination with distance from friends/boyfriend and the stress of the job hunt, it got old fast. And I won’t even go into the details of my feelings on job searching because everyone knows how that is. Just know that I feel extremely lucky to be starting a big girl job TOMORROW after a mere two month struggle. Except now I’m really nervous!

Since I haven’t been taking the time to do favorites or any posts for that matter, I’m turning this into an all inclusive post. (Where’s the buffet?) First, I want to talk about business clothes. In preparation for joining the workforce, my wardrobe has begun to undergo an extensive makeover. I was walking through a mall the other day and took note of my lack of desire to enter stores such as Charlotte Russe and even Forever 21. The massive one at the Mall of America is way too intimidating anyway. I’m excited to dress up for work everyday (for now). I always dramatically complain that wearing uniforms in high school ruined my personal sense of style. I’m glad for the opportunity to attempt to “look sharp.”

In case you’re still reading after that captivatingly fascinating blurb about my closet, I’d like to show you these shoes. I do not own them, yet. In due time. They’re hand painted from a shop on Etsy. Dreamcatcher shoes, plz. Pretty cool, huh?


On positive note, here are some G highlights from this summer:

In June, I finally became a true Minnesotan by going to Duluth (I’d never been!). It was awesome. Made possible by Thomas, Travelocity and Almond Butter & Grape sandwiches. Take me back.

IMG_2875  IMG_2887


Then I got to go a little further up the North Shore in July for a very good friend’s wedding. When a high school BFF gets married, things get weird. It was a blast though.


For being lactose intolerant, I have consumed a heavy amount of ice cream and frozen yogurt this summer. The froyo is 182% worth it. I’ve decided to become a froyo connoisseur and have coined the phrase “froyo hopping.” I have been riding the froyo craze bandwagon for a while now and have so far determined my fave froyo joints are Menchies and Forever Yogurt. Good thing there are plenty of people in my life who will glady froyo hop with me. Here’s my Forever Yogurt creation from this past weekend.


And now I will leave you with this child size ice cream that is bigger than my head. Namaste.