Parachute Adventures

Happy Easter Monday!

It was an action-packed long weekend, the most exciting part being meeting Parachute on Saturday before their concert at Grand Casino Mille Lacs. I would say Parachute is my favorite musical artist as Saturday was the 8th time I have seen them live. On a whim a few months ago, Alyssa and I decided to get VIP tickets in order to meet the band before the show. It was pretty dang awesome.

IMG_2517                   IMG_2518

They played for us for a bit which was really cool to see from less than a foot away. Then we chatted and took pictures. Alyssa and I were the oldest girls there and felt a bit awk/fangirlish, but it was still great. There were other people who drove all the way from Green Bay and Illinois so we didn’t feel too stalker-like.




IMG_2522                    IMG_2525

With the whole band and Nate, the guitarist, on the right. Let it be known that Will, the lead singer (pictured below), said “I know I’ve seen you before.” YEAH because I’ve been at errry concert in Minnesota.



IMG_2532 IMG_2541


Will took this selfie of us on my phone… (he held my phone!) Big deal. It was funny because you could tell they did not want to be in the middle of no where Onamia, MN. I told Nate how I’ve seen them at Mill City Nights, The Cabooze, and The Varsity Theater and he said, “man, I wish we were at one of those places instead of here.” The venue was set up really strangely too; it looked like a conference room. Even the chairs looked all business-y. We wanted to rage but couldn’t. Oh well.

Well, it’s time for real life to kick in. No more breaks. Maybe I should start on the 8,000 papers I have due before graduation. Probably not though. I also fell asleep outside yesterday and got sunburnt in the weirdest places.



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