The Challenge-Safety Continuum

There are certain words that I cringe to hear or say — pursed, beverage, blouse, the list goes on.

I, however, have a special place in my heart for the word CHALLENGE. Both for how it sounds and what it stands for. In my 21 years of wisdom (what font is used for sarcasm?), I have discovered that many of life’s choices lie on a challenge/safety continuum. You could choose the most difficult option, the easiest option, or somewhere in between. The safety end is your comfort zone, but you’ll never get anywhere just chillin’ on that side. Keeping a growth mindset helps to inch over to the other side. I’m no motivational speaker, but that’s just how I see it.

Real life example: Today, I knew I had to work on a blog post to publish for this weekend (I’ve been posting one each week). I have a word document permanently open on my computer that lists ideas and partially written excerpts. I could have picked from any of those and quickly created a post. However, I decided to challenge myself to dig deep and write something more meaningful than “Here are my top 5 favorite songs of all time” (coming soon, lolz). Part of the point of me having this blog is to practice writing Β (about real things) and I feel like I haven’t done much of that yet.

Although I have been known to say “screw it, what’s the easiest way to do this?”, I try to find little things to challenge me every day. Some people think it’s ridiculous that I get up at 5:30am to go to the gym, but for me it started as a self-dare. I did it one day just to see if I could and now it’s something that simply works for me. This blog is another thing I did to challenge myself to stretch my brain and share my ideas.

My latest challenge comes in the form of Lent. I’m not even Catholic so technically I’m not required to give anything up. However, I decided to cut out all unhealthy foods until Easter. This includes sweets (I also don’t like that word), fried foods, and overly processed foods. Not that I eat a lot of those, but I am just daring myself to delete them completely. I think I’ll be feeling pretty good by the end of it.

So in case you didn’t get the message, go try something that challenges you! Take the stairs, run for an extra 10 minutes, finish something you’ve been procrastinating, talk to a stranger (not in a creepy way), apply for a new job, …okay you’re probably annoyed by this now.

On a fun note: Have you heard of the app Disco Zoo? It’s a game where you have your own zoo and you get to rescue and take care of animals and have disco parties with them. It has consumed a lot of my time these past few days. Check it out.


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