Girls and Broccoli

I don’t watch much TV and I don’t have Netflix or anything like that. I feel like I never have time to watch anything but an episode here and there. I’ve been hearing little tidbits lately about the HBO show “Girls” but never thought I’d actually take the time to investigate it. But then, we watched an episode of it in my Family Communication class as an example of roles within a family (lolz) and I had to start watching. I found it online and finished the first season in a little over a day. WOW is that an intensely explicit show. It’s addicting though, I haven’t been able to stop watching.

I was really struck when my professor was explaining the premise of the show. She described Hannah as overweight. After watching the first season of the show I’m a little irritated at how body image is portrayed. Hannah is really not overweight yet makes and accepts shameful comments about her body. I’ve seen a lot of articles praising the show for their body image message and for Lena Dunham being “real,” but I’m not so convinced. Marnie, the model skinny girl, is constantly being praised for her beauty. I know the point of the show is to convey an exaggerated point of view on 20-something girls living in New York but I think they could do a better job when it comes to this. But anyway, I’m still entertained.

You always see those things online trying to show how our standards of beauty are skewed due to photoshop, magazines, models, weight loss ads, etc. but nothing seems to be making a change. I am wondering, what does it take? Definitely more than a few viral videos shared on Facebook newsfeeds. That’s a topic for another day.

On another note I really want a Nike FuelBand. If only I was rich.

Anyway x2, I Insta-ed a picture of my dinner last Thursday because I thought it was colorful. I’ve mentioned TrulyJess before; I watch her daily fitness/healthy eating vlogs and every day she gives shout outs for people who #TrulyDaily on Instagram. I used it on my picture and was ecstatic when I saw that she liked it. Unfortunately I didn’t make it in the video for that day but I’m glad she saw it! (fangirl moment/cool story, bro). Here’s the pic: it’s tilapia cooked with cajun seasoning and red peps, broccoli, and almonds. Super nom I’m obsessed with broccoli.




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